If you have cycled through each theme and still can't find one that suits you, let’s try making a custom theme that fits your profile and requirement. It is up to your imagination how you use it.

Here is everything we are going to cover in the article:

  1. Selecting your background color.

  2. Uploading your background image.

  3. Choosing your button style and button color.

  4. Picking out a font and font color.

And here we go! Firstly, let's head over to Theme from your Dashboard.

Please scroll down to find Create your own and let's start designing your perfect theme!

Step 1 - Selecting your background-color

Pick out a background color that represents you. It could be a flat color or a gradient.

You can also select the colors by entering the color code or by using our color palette.

Step 2 - Uploading a background image.

You can either upload an image from your device by clicking on "Upload your own image" or choose from over one million curated photos by selecting "Pick from Unsplash." This would give a personal touch and let you stand out!

Step 3 - Choosing your button style and color.

Scroll down to Button and select a button style that looks good on your background image. You can also change the button color by entering the color code and using the color palette too!

Step 4 - Pick out a font and font color.

Give a unique style to your text by adding a font. Our color palette is always there in case you need to change the font color!

Hit Save.

Congratulations! Your very own customized bio.link theme is ready. 🥳

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