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How to create custom themes
How to create custom themes

Create your fully customised unique theme!

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If you've tried all the available themes but haven't found the perfect fit, don't worry! We can create a custom theme that matches your profile and requirements. The possibilities are endless, and it's all up to your imagination.

Here's what we'll cover in this article:

  1. Choosing your background colour, image, or video: Select a colour, image, or video that sets the right tone for your profile.

  2. Selecting your button style and colour: Customize the buttons to match your style and preferences.

  3. Picking out a font: Find the perfect font that makes your profile stand out.

To get started, simply go to the "Design" section on your Dashboard.

Selecting your background colour, image, or video

Discovering a background colour, image, or video that truly represents you is an exciting part of personalizing your profile. Dive into our article Setting a Perfect Background for your page and explore the steps to find the perfect fit

Choosing your button style and colour

Customise your buttons and make them visually appealing on your profile. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Button Style: Scroll down to the "Button" section and select a button style that complements your background image. Choose a design that catches your eye and fits well with your overall theme.

  2. Button Color: To further personalize your buttons, you can change their colour. Enter a specific colour code or use the colour palette or the colour picker to pick the perfect shade that matches your style and enhances the visual appeal of your profile.

Pick out a font style and colour

Now you can take your text style to the next level and create a truly distinctive look by choosing a custom font and colour.

Click on the "Save" button to finalize your custom Bio Link theme.

Congratulations! You have successfully created your own personalized Bio Link theme. Enjoy the benefits of your customized theme and make the most out of your Bio Link.

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