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Setting a Perfect Background for your page
Setting a Perfect Background for your page
Give out a great first impression by selecting the right background!
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Your bio link profile should always throw the spotlight on YOU! And that's a good enough reason to never ignore your background.

In this article, we will be discussing the following:

And finally, you'll have the perfect background for your page!

1. Going for the best default theme.

Select a pre-designed theme with a background that vibes with the tone of your brand, so followers know who you are before they even interact. If you can't find any that suits your brand, let's take it to the next level!

2. Add your own custom background.

Head over to the Design tab and scroll down to Create your own. Keep in mind; your custom background could be a flat color, gradient, image, or GIF.

  • Adding an Image Background

    When you add a picture background, you can either upload an image from your gallery or choose from over one million curated photos by selecting Pick from Unsplash.

  • Upload a GIF Background

    • Motion grabs the viewer’s attention, and the right video GIF can leave your followers awestruck.

    • You can download some awesome GIFs from the web or upload your own moving background.

Keep in mind 💡

  • Font and buttons should complement your background. Look for fonts and button colors that go along with the setting, tone & color palate for your profile.

  • Go easy on the eyes. Don’t use anything too busy or distracting. After all, we want our fans to read everything on our bio link, right?

  • Quality is irreplaceable. Always choose a high-quality GIF or Image for your background. An image size of 1440 *1000 (pixels) would look awesome for your page.

Any questions? Shoot us an email or click the chat button below. We're always here to help! 😊

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