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Community Guidelines you should follow while using Bio Link

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To ensure a safe and trusted platform for all Bio Link users, we have established clear guidelines that complement our Terms and Conditions. These guidelines outline what is acceptable and what is not when using Bio Link, with the goal of keeping you and your audience protected.

We kindly ask you to take a moment to familiarize yourself with our Community Standards, as they are imperative when using your Bio Link. Meanwhile, if you encounter any content on a Bio Link page that violates the standards outlined below, please report it to us.

Adult Content

We require all content on our platform to be suitable for visitors of all ages, including minors. If you share any adult content, such as images featuring revealing clothing, it is important to label it as confidential. This helps ensure a safe and appropriate experience for everyone.

Hate speech

Bio Link is a platform where you can freely express your beliefs and ideas, as long as they do not cause harm, promote hatred or violence, or discriminate against individuals or groups based on various factors such as race, skin colour, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability, or medical condition. It is important to note that Bio Link should not be used to glorify individuals who perpetrate hatred, violence, or discrimination. We strive to maintain a positive and inclusive environment for all users.

Electoral fraud

To ensure the integrity of local and national elections, it is essential that the content on our platform does not interfere with the election process. This means that content should not mislead the public regarding voting procedures or eligibility. Additionally, it is strictly prohibited to share any information about selling or attempting to sell your right to vote. We are committed to promoting fair and transparent elections and appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

Illegal goods and services

We strictly prohibit the use of our platform to promote or facilitate the sale of regulated or illegal goods and services. This includes but is not limited to, items such as alcohol, drugs, weapons, counterfeit goods, endangered species, fireworks, and personal identification documents. Additionally, the site may not be used to promote or engage in any form of illegal activity, including human trafficking or prostitution. We are committed to maintaining a safe and lawful environment for all users, and we appreciate your cooperation in complying with these guidelines.


Bio Link usernames are meant for everyone, so please refrain from buying, selling, hoarding, or trading them. It is important not to secure a username without the intention of using it or with the purpose of preventing others from using it or profiting from its resale, also known as "domain squatting." This practice is considered illegal in certain countries, and Bio Link does not permit it. Let's keep the usernames fair and accessible for all users.

Spam and fraud

It is strictly prohibited to use the website for spamming or defrauding visitors. This includes sharing links to external sites that deceive users by collecting personal data under false pretences. We value the privacy and security of our users, and any attempts to engage in such activities will not be tolerated. Let's create a safe and trustworthy environment for all visitors.


Using Bio Link to target individuals with the intention to intimidate, harass, threaten, or bully is strictly prohibited. Any form of harmful behaviour towards individuals will not be tolerated.

Extremist/terrorist content

The use of the site for advertising, propaganda, praise, or fundraising for extremist groups and their activities is strictly forbidden. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards any form of extremism and ensure that our platform is not used to promote or support such ideologies.

Child Harm

At Bio Link, we have a strict zero-tolerance policy for any form of child harm. It is strictly prohibited to upload or link to content that harms minors or promotes harm towards minors. This includes but is not limited to child sexual abuse material, solicitation of minors, and the use of inappropriate imagery featuring underage individuals. We take this matter seriously and actively report any instances of child endangerment or harm to the appropriate authorities, such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


We strictly prohibit any content that promotes or idealizes suicide, self-mutilation, disordered eating, or potentially harmful alternatives to medical treatment. We believe in fostering a supportive and positive environment for all users, and so we encourage discussions that promote well-being, healing, and positive mental health.

Shocking or violent content

Using Bio Link to share content that is intended to shock and disturb visitors, such as gore, mutilation, excessive violence, or physical abuse, is strictly prohibited.

Copyrights and trademarks

It is not allowed to post content on Bio Link that violates the intellectual property rights of individuals and companies, including copyrights, trademarks, and patents. We respect the intellectual property of others and expect our users to do the same.

Privacy and impersonation

Respecting and maintaining individual privacy is a top priority at Bio Link. We understand the importance of safeguarding personal information, which is why we collect minimal data from our users. In order to uphold this commitment, we have strict guidelines in place. Profiles that expose others' personal identifying information, such as billing details or IDs, are not allowed. Additionally, collecting identifying information without the appropriate legal basis, including IP addresses, is prohibited. We also do not permit the exposure of private media, such as image-based sexual abuse. Likewise, impersonating other individuals or organizations is strictly prohibited on Bio Link. We value authenticity and transparency within our community.


Using Bio Link to post misinformation is strictly prohibited. Please refrain from sharing content that you know or suspect to be false, inaccurate, or intended to misinform others.


Bio Link does not allow links to resources that have been blocked by Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp). Furthermore, as Stripe is our payment partner, we kindly request that you refrain from sharing any content that violates Stripe's policies.

These measures are in place to ensure a safe and compliant environment for all users. Let's work together to create a positive and respectful community.

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