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Sharing your Bio Link everywhere
Sharing your Bio Link everywhere
How and where should I share my Bio Link?
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Thanks to the Bio Link, it’s never been easier to spread the word about your brand/business. This article explains how to copy your Bio Link and share it on the popular platforms out there to share it!

1. How to copy my Bio Link URL

  • Go to your Dashboard

  • To the right of your Bio Link URL, you'll see the copy icon

  • Click on it to copy your clipboard.

2. Where can I share my Bio Link?

Here are some of the popular platforms where you can place your Bio Link!

  • Twitter: On your bio and in each of your tweets

  • YouTube: Under your videos to encourage audience discovery and engagement

  • Facebook: Your bio and in your Messenger chats

  • Pinterest: On your bio, and link it to some of your pins.

  • Tumblr: In your blog bio

  • Github: On your bio

  • LinkedIn: On your profile

  • Business cards

  • Email: In your email signature

  • Twitch: On your stream

  • Sound cloud: On the sidebar

  • Shop signages or Posters: For the customers to connect with you and find events

  • Merch: For ensuring lifelong engagement

  • TikTok: On your bio

  • Depop: On your profile

  • Job Applications: In your resume/CV and on job applications that ask for your website or portfolio (because you’re a small biz and websites take some time and effort).

3. How to share my Bio Link?

Once you have copied your Bio Link, we are going to see how to add Bio Link to your bio sections of famous platforms!


  • Head over to your Twitter profile

  • Click on Edit Profile

  • Paste your Bio Link into the Website section


Highlight your Bio Link by pinning a tweet on your profile with the link. Works every time!


  • Head over to your Instagram profile

  • Click on Edit Profile

  • Paste your Bio Link into the Website field


  • Go to your Facebook profile

  • Click on Edit Profile

  • Paste your Bio Link into the Bio field


  1. Go to your YouTube channel

  2. Click on Customize channel

  3. Head over to the About tab

  4. Hover over the Links section and click the edit icon

  5. Paste your Bio Link into the URL box

  6. Hit Done!


  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile.

  2. Select the Edit icon

  3. Click on the edit icon next to the Profile URL

  4. Paste your Bio Link under Website URL

Any questions? Shoot us an email or click the chat button below. We're always here to help! 😊

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